A Bad Servant or Good Master?

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It is indeed well known that technology has been a good servant in that it has made many contributions. Advances in healthcare, education, crime detection, greater business efficiency, improved communications, life enrichment, saved time, and given us the opportunity to have fun such as that involving the personal computer…

However (and it’s a very big however), technology has also been described as a bad master for a number of disturbing reasons. So fasten your safety belts folks it’s going to get bumpy; here’s an overview of those disturbing reasons.

Surveillance and the police state

Following the revelations of Edward Snowden and the extent to which we are under surveillance, it confirms that like a runaway train heading for dystopia we have gone beyond the point of no return: Phone hacking, Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), smart meters of sorts, CCTV cameras (1 for every 11 people in the UK), online chat media monitoring, face recognition technology, plans for cashless societies, cars where there will be no drivers… every brave new world gadget and gismo unwittingly ensnares us.

-Every communication device is spied on. No whisper undetected…

And it doesn’t end there. The human micro-chipping agenda continues developing. Then there are plans to have cars fitted with black boxes and V2 transmitters designed to record and track performance data: Monitoring speed, location, direction, gear box and break usage, driver or passenger ID.

Ford motor cars Vice President Jim Farley confessed in so many words that we are already aware of who breaks the law when and how, all this because of the GPS in your car.

Don’t fall for the effrontery that these things are only there for your own safety and if you are a law abiding citizen then there’s nothing to worry about…

-This glib Orwellian doublespeak belies the fact that the elite hidden powers that be with their enslavement agenda know that they’re going to make some pretty darn unpopular decisions and the surveillance and control is there to deal with the anticipated backlash from those ‘troublesome people.’ You will not have any privacy in the Imperial government Big Brother state.


Operated by someone sat at a computer, unmanned drones will soon occupy the skies in numbers. Like something out of the Spielberg sci-fi film “Minority Report” they will have the ability to detect body movements day or night, see through walls, recognize faces, take over or spy on emails, text messages and web surfing habits…

The war machine

Armed military drones have been used to seek out and kill the enemy. What you’re not told in mainstream media is that reports have come through from medics that the damage done by these drones can mean something like 30% of the deaths or serious injuries were innocent men, women and children.

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)

Vested commercial interest has tried its hardest to keep the lid on the fact that low frequency electromagnetic radiation such as that produced from cell phones and Wi-Fi can lead to some serious health problems such as depression and cancer. Evidence for this includes “The 2012 Bio-initiative Report” documenting 1000’s of pages where ill health has resulted from overuse…

Killing social behaviour

It has been said that technology is killing social behaviour through real human interaction getting substituted for too many communications by emails, text messages and social media websites. Indeed, the latter does not have the qualities of the former so loneliness and for some withdrawn behaviour sets in…


Technology has served to distract the masses. Instead of realizing the woes of the world then getting up and doing something that makes a difference many have got lost in endless distraction like those people for example addicted to computer games. Some have formed an inability to focus through too much technology usage.

The hidden powers that be know this and it’s been one of their secret weapons.


Perhaps the greatest pandemonium for the world could be if some kind of planetary situation happened that would cause the electronics to go down…

To sound off

What’s needed is for more people to wake up and realize that technology is used to enslave us. Those aware need to spread the word en masse. As a result more and more awakened individuals will turn away from bad master technology then through their inner being create thoughts, feelings, emotions, meditation, affirmations and prayers… that will produce a different outcome to the one planned by the hidden powers that be.

A real intention to want to make this happen must not be underestimated. To ‘spread the word’ and do one’s ‘inner work’ are the crucial ingredients needed to create a different reality that will take us into a new paradigm experience based on love, peace and light.