How to Tell If He Is Really Interested in Pursuing a Relationship With You

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You have met someone that you really like and are wondering if he likes you enough to take the courtship further. Maybe he’s been telling you that he is interested in becoming more involved, but you need to know for sure before you become too emotionally involved. Here are some ways to tell if he is really interested in being with you or just stringing you along.

He doesn’t take you out on dates

During the beginning of a courtship, a man usually does everything he can to impress a woman that he is really interested in pursuing. He may take you to the fanciest restaurant in town and order the most expensive bottle of wine in another language. He can’t wait for everyone to see the beautiful and intelligent woman that he has captured.

He introduces you to his friends and family

When a man believes that he has found the right woman, he introduces her to his friends and family members. Their opinions of you matters a lot to him because he plans on keeping you around for awhile. He appears disappointed if they don’t respond to you in a positive way.

He comes by to visit

A man who wants to be around you will not spend much time talking to you on the telephone. In fact, he will take time out of his busy schedule just to see your face. Being around you makes him feel good.

He talks about other women

This man is still on the look out for other women. But, there’s a chance that he will change his mind in the future. However, pay attention to the type of women he talks about. Be honest about whether or not you are anything like them.

He doesn’t care if you date other people

When a man really wants a woman, he becomes jealous when he sees her with other people. As a matter of fact, he may surprise you by asking for a commitment. He can’t stand the thought of anyone else having you.

He ignores you after sex

There is a possibility that he has been taught by his parents that women are inferior to men. But the fact still remains that the majority of his attention will be spent elsewhere. He can be very loving before and during sex, but he grows equally as cold right afterwards.

He ignores you out in public

Typical behavior includes him walking off when you are standing together and him looking at several different women. He is interested in meeting other people and doesn’t want you to ruin it for him.


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