Importance Of A Vaccination Schedule

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A recommended vaccination schedule was developed by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and it was then adopted by most of the other healthcare organizations in the country. This schedule has laid down a timetable that will help you ensure that your baby will get his or her vaccinations at the proper time. The schedule is easily available in a number of formats on the internet so that you can download it and refer to it regularly.

Importance of Keeping A Vaccine Schedule

Vaccines are given to children in order to build their immunity so that they can fight diseases and illnesses. These should be given while they are still young so that the risk of catching these diseases is reduced. Without the vaccination, the baby might not be able to fight off the disease and there is a possibility of severe illness or even death in some cases.

Most children are given about 24 different vaccinations that protect them from about 14 common and dangerous illnesses. These are usually administered starting from the time the babies are born till they turn six years of age. It is important to vaccinate these children at this time because their immunity is low when they are born and the vaccines help to strengthen these immune systems, enabling them to fight off diseases.

Parents often worry that their babies may be harmed by too many vaccines. However, there is no need to worry. In fact, the immune system of a baby usually responds well to vaccinations and this helps the baby to fight diseases. In fact, babies have to fight many more antigens every day than the combination of vaccines that are given to them.

Important Information About The Vaccination Schedule

The vaccination schedule has been put together by a number of highly qualified doctors and experts. They have done their best to come up with an optimum schedule that keeps enough space between each vaccine so that it can get absorbed by the body while still ensuring that there isn’t too much of a gap between vaccinations. In fact, if the vaccines are spaced out too long, your child will be unprotected from certain diseases for a longer period of time. This can make them targets of a number of diseases.

However, it is also important to remember that if your child has any adverse reaction to a particular vaccine, you must notify your doctor immediately. Certain allergic reactions may mean that you have to delay the schedule by a little while.