Learn More About Ultrasound Technology

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Ultrasound can be defined as a sound pressure wave that is continuously oscillating. It consists of a frequency that is said to be greater than the upper limit of a particular human’s hearing range. Thus there is no difference between Ultrasound and normal or audible sound in terms of physical properties. The major fact that has to be noted here is that humans cannot hear ultrasound.

What are the use of Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is used in a variety of applications and its benefits cannot be undermined. It serves a lot of professions and assists important people to perform their tasks in a smooth manner. For example, the ultrasonic devices are used extensively in the process of detecting objects and also measuring distances. The process called Sonography or ultrasonic imaging is used both in human medicine and also veterinary medicine. Ultrasound is also used extensively in the process of in the testing of structures and products non-destructively. Porpoises and bats are example of certain animals that make use of ultrasounds to locate obstacles and also a prey.

The human perception of ultrasound

Humans have an upper frequency limit of approximately 20 kilohertz. This is due to the limitations that are present in the middle ear. An auditory sensation can occur when ultrasounds of high intensities are fed into the human skull directly. It is observed by many researchers and scientists that children can hear a few sounds that are high pitched. Such high pitched sounds cannot be heard by older adults. This can be explained by the fact that the upper limit pitch in human decreases as the person ages.

The other uses of ultrasounds

There are other uses of ultrasounds apart from the ones that have been mentioned above. When ultrasound is applied in a configuration that is specific, it can produce very short bursts of light in a phenomenon that is known to be exotic. This phenomenon or process is called as Sonoluminescence.

Modulated ultrasound is also used for the propagation of Audio. Another popular application of ultrasound is that it is used in the remote controls of television and computers. This is used for reducing or increasing the volume of the television and also changing of the channels.

Hence it can be concluded that ultrasound has a lot of significance and applications in today’s life. These applications cannot be undermined or overlooked by scientists and researchers who are already present in this field.